The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) is the author of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, an urban master plan that addresses sustainability as a core principle. Estidama, which is the Arabic word for sustainability, is a program aimed at promoting thoughtful and responsible development. The core of the Estidama program is the Pearl Rating System.

The Pearl Rating System is the green building rating system for the emirate of Abu Dhabi and is currently tailored, since its December 2010 launch, for the following new developments: Communities, Buildings and Villas. Similar to LEED, the Pearl Rating System has various levels of certification, ranging from one to five pearls. For all new development projects within the emirate of Abu Dhabi, a minimum certification of one pearl is required (two pearls for government buildings). This certification requirement was mandated by the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi and went into effect in autumn 2010.

Pivot employs Sustainability Engineers, each of whom is a Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP), trained and certified by the UPC. The Sustainability Engineer is mobilized to each site as early as possible to coordinate with the necessary departments and functions, as well as with the consultant’s Estidama representative to ensure that the required documentation is available to ensure compliance with the Stage 2 Construction Rating.

Implementation of Estidama

Pivot has practical experience in the implementation of Estidama through the construction of the following projects: 

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Landside Support Facilities; 
  • Al Mamsha Saadiyat; 
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Fire Station; 
  • Musaffah Gardens Buildings
  • Abu Dhabi Airport T3 Commercial Building;
  • Al Ain Ghareba Emirati Housing and Infratructure projects; 
  • Al Sila Gharbia Emirati Housing and Infrastructure projects. 

All projects were designed to achieve 2 pearls under the Estidama Pearl Rating System and feature:


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